Nizar Ibrahim, Excerpt From Article:

“Curiosity has been the cornerstone of Ibrahim’s career – a palaeontologist and comparative anatomist, he’s perhaps best known for finding the fossils of a 15-metre long carnivorous dinosaur called the Spinosaurus in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

Named a TED Fellow in 2015, the first palaeontologist to receive the honour, Ibrahim has had his work featured widely in news outlets like The New York Times, CNN and National Geographic – which has led him to television as one of the main scientific advisors for the BBC’s 2011 ‘Planet Dinosaur’ series.

But it’s the German-Moroccan scientist’s pioneering work in bringing the Middle East and North Africa’s immensely under-explored palaeontological history to light that is currently in the spotlight.” - Writer,  Liana Aghajanian